What's new?

The world around us is changing. These means a different business approach that works on prosperity. Prosperity means business vitality in the future. Senta will organize 10 Future Scenario Sessions for the following sectors:
Leisure & Retail
Food & Fast Moving
Media & Communities
Hospitality & Services
Architecture & Public Space
Innovation & Technology
Trends & Research
Branding & Design
Fashion & Lifestyle
Beauty & Wellness

The first Future Scenario Session is held on 21 January 2014!   

Who is Senta?



Experience a brand means seeing, feeling, hearing, smelling and tasting.

Senta is a marketing consultancy agency specialized in brand experiences.
In co-creation with consumers we create authentic bonding between brands
and customers.







Create Brand Bonding!
Develop in co-creation!
Use all the senses!
Revitalize your Brand!
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