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1993. Senta was the first marketing consultancy to deal with scent applications and scented print work for the purpose of improving the customer experience and strengthening brand values. Our sister company SmartNose currently focuses entirely on fragrance and flavour applications. Senta has further grown into a marketing consultancy where customer research forms the basis for many advisory processes.

1997. Senta started to focus on all senses and the effects of all sensory stimuli on the customer experience. This customer-oriented perspective has been used successfully in various large consultancy and research projects. The experience economy was "discovered" and described by Pine & Gillmore. As a result, more and more attention was paid to experience in marketing. The senses play a central role in this and an international movement in this field was born.

2001. Knowledge about the effect of sensory stimuli was lacking in most companies, as a result of which Senta has fulfilled many advisory processes in the field of multi-sensory concepting. From the perspective that the customer experience is central, Senta started developing a monitor to map the behaviour of the female shopper. After all, the female shopper determines 80% of all retail purchases and is therefore an economically interesting group. The Female Mindstyle Monitor has been developed, a segmentation model that completely wiped out age thinking.

2005. The effectiveness of sensory cohesion was further investigated in intensive collaboration with the Technical University in Delft and the effect of adding sensory stimuli to a house style in the form of a Sensory Box was also scientifically investigated. Research showed that the value mainly lay in emotionally enriching a brand. There is more direction and more emotional branding. The Sensory Box has been developed by several large companies as an addition to their traditional house style manuals. It turns out to be a source of inspiration and a touchstone for new brand expressions to be developed.

2010. The importance of a good network with experts in their field was recognized from the start. The network idea became increasingly important and Senta founded The Experience Network (TEN) in 2010 under the motto 'walk the talk'. TEN enriches the experience economy in 10 fields of work and facilitates the network that has been built up over the years. Sharing knowledge and meeting people in a vital environment are central to this.

2012. The insight grew that something has to change in the existing business models. Senta developed additional cash flows for retail and service providers. These cash flows provide an increase in sales, data or traffic. SenseWorld arose from this philosophy. SenseWorld is a strategy and consultancy firm specialized in customer experience, experience technologies and vital business models.

Now. In recent years, Senta has developed the Experience Strategy model to strategically put experience as a company on the map. The steps from this model have proven to be successful in various assignments and are applicable to various industries. Central to this is the alignment of the Brand DNA with the customer associations. Based on this basis, we work on four fields of activity: multisensory concepting (stimulating all the senses), character profiling (know your target group), format scripting (enrich the customer journey) and internal branding (value sharing of staff). As a result, creating lasting customer relationships, Brand Bonding!

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