Sensory analysis A-brands

Discover the dominant sensory stimuli for your brand

Did you know that for most part the consumer makes product choices unconsciously? These unconscious choices have to do with the sensory elements of that product. How does the cap sound, how does the material feel, how heavy is the product, how does the content smell and does product stand out from the other products on the shelf?

Senta carries out extensive sensory product analyses for various A-brands. With an experienced sensory test panel, all rituals surrounding your product are examined and included in the final assessment.

Do you also want to have your product tested? Sure! A Sensory Product Analysis project includes:

  • An extensive qualitative test session with our sensory panel
  • Mapped out usage ritual around the product
  • A report of the product's nine dominant sensory icons
  • An evaluation of the sensory coherence of the product
  • Optional: detailed EEG brain scan of your product experience
  • Recommendations for possible improvement

Curious? Contact us and we will discuss the possibilities with you without obligation!

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