Research into the influence of design and atmosphere on the well-being and productivity of employees

Together with Forbo and Rockfon, Senta developed a study into the experience of workplaces. Unlike other studies, which often only use surveys or interviews, we decided to realize a real life lab. You can only really measure an experience if it takes place in real life!

In the first phase of the research, based on eight tactile mood boards, a selection was made of four atmospheres that elicited the most diverse emotional reactions: Traditional, Calm & Neutral, Nature and Creative Colour. These atmospheres were incorporated in four comparable rooms in Senta's office, which were completely converted and restyled.

Subjects/human guinea pig wore a special EEG headset and took place in the rooms in random order. Here they carried out assignments that were both stress-inducing and soothing.

From the analysis of the EEG scan, the assignments and the feedback from the respondents, a consistent picture could be drawn up of the experience per space. As it turned out:

  • The Traditional space was the least appreciated and even caused boredom. This space was mainly suitable for making a business plan or doing calculations.
  • The Calm&Neutral space was positively assessed and associated with tranquility, lounge music and tea. The space was found suitable for personal contact and writing blogs.
  • The Nature room showed a reduction in stress level, but at the same time a raise in concentration level. This room was found to be suitable for both brainstorming sessions and calculations.
  • The Creative Color space brought energy and surprise to many and was found to be playful. The space was suitable for creative tasks such as designing, but also for brainstorming sessions.
  • We presented these research results at the Marketing and Insights Event 2019.
  • Do you want to know how your workplace is experienced?

We also monitor your work experience at your locations.

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