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Did you know that there are different sensory preference groups? Everyone perceives the world differently and values a different amount of sensory stimuli. You have incentive seekers and incentive avoiders. And then in the amount of sensory stimuli there is also a sensory preference for seeing, hearing, feeling or tasting and smelling.

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Research by Senta shows that 40% is visual, 20% auditory, 20% feels and 20% smells. So it is a missed opportunity to spend all the marketing budget on visual stimuli. This allows you to reach a rational group that often makes purchasing decisions based on price. The feel, taste, and smell people appreciate personal contact and are willing to spend a lot of money if it 'feels right' somewhere. This is the group that talks positively about your brand and would like to establish a long-term relationship with your brand. Touch this group in the heart and take advantage of this

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